I’m so old, I remember when Photoshop didn’t exist yet and we had to write our own Blur and Sharpen filters! And when it first came out, we didn’t have layers. Just a single alpha channel! For everything!

But ever since, I’ve used Photoshop professionally on a range of different types of projects, from original art, to pre-press and motion graphics, photo processing, and web design. In other words, I’m a seasoned pro.

In Version 22, Photoshop introduced a set of new “Neural Network” filters that create advanced effects combined with automated user feedback. “Colorize” is a part of that set of filters, and its result are pretty impressive. But I couldn’t help thinking that I could probably do a better job of it by hand.

This blog documents my foray into the fascinating world of photo restoration and colorization. If you like what you see, please spread the word. I’m for hire!

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