The maids, ca. 1922

This was one of the first images I tried colorizing and it was a huge pain in the ass because of the blurriness and the lack of dynamic range. I made another attempt yesterday using my new single-layer “pixel brush” technique and I think this is as good as it gets.

Yes, I have access to all manner of “AI” upscalers and image enhancers, and when used judiciously, they can be helpful to help correct minor flaws or repair slight imperfections, but they can’t add details that weren’t there to begin with — and you shouldn’t want to if you’re serious about historical restorations.

Pictured here is my grandmother Berta at left, with an unidentified co-worker, sometime in the early 1920s in front of the mansion at Eekwal 3 in Zwolle, Netherlands, where they worked as “dienstbodes” (maidservants). What I like about this image is that it depicts a very Dutch activity, long since fallen out of fashion: the near religious daily scrubbing of one’s “stoep” (the sidewalk in front of a building.) I don’t know who took the picture, I like to think it was perhaps their employer trying out a new piece of gear.

My first attempt can be found here: The Help

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