Hanscom’s Bakery, New York City, 1939

New York Historical Society

Hanscom’s Bakery, New York City, 1939, by Janós Albók.

“Hanscom’s Bakery at 96 Street and Madison Ave; in the 1940 Phone Directory, there are also Hanscom’s Bakeries on Broadway at 79, 93, 97, and 112 Streets. This Albók photo of a foggy New York Street in the 1930s uses a Hanscom Bakery to set the mood.”

John Albok was a Hungarian photographer who immigrated to the United States and documented street scenes in New York City during the Great Depression and later. He lived above his tailor shop with his wife Ilona on Madison Ave and 96th, from which this photo appears to have been taken.

The same corner in the snow, and a view of John Albok’s tailor shop at 1392 Madison Ave., between 96th St. and 97th St. A billboard on the building advertises his work (ca. 1966) and reads “‘Well used, the camera / is unique in its power / to develop and to delight / our ability to see.’ / James Agee / John Albok’s / New York.”

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